less fuel 1
1 than a conventional wood stove
Up to
Efficient 2
2 true end-to-end efficiency

The PHOENIX is an evolution of rocket and TLUD stoves, combining updraft gassification technology with exhaust heat recycling, and combustion management.

Key efficiency innovations:

  • Staged combustion.
  • Insulation of the entire combustion path & exhaust heat recycling to achieve high combustion temperatures.
  • Independent computer control of the primary / preheated secondary air ratio and volume.
  • To achieve the high temperatures needed for a clean burn, heat extraction for human use is delayed until after complete combustion.
  • Forced draft eliminates the chimney stack and enables near complete heat exchange with the heated space.
  • Optimized control using sensors and advanced combustion management.
  • Cold air is drawn (through a flexible tube) from outside the heated space to prevent cold air drafts for occupants.
  • The exhaust gasses and the fresh air intake use the same flexible tube to maximize heat recovery.
  • Up to
    power output

    Enough power for winter camping in the Rockies, a cabin, RV, boat etc.

    Fuel can be almost any available dry biomass i.e. dry wood, sticks, & twigs, as well as wood pellets.

    The PHOENIX stove is designed to burn complete batches of fuel without any need to tend the fire.

    Less than

    Constructed of aluminum & stainless steel the PHOENIX is designed to serve the demanding conditions of a basecamp stove. Namely, to be as light as possible while maximizing fuel capacity.

    Weighing in at under 20lb and measuring 9"x36", with no chimney, it's compact, portable, and easy to setup.

    Up to
    unattended 3
    3 automated overnight burn

    Dial down the temperature and go to sleep knowing that the PHOENIX's combustion management system will put out heat for hours before it's time to refuel.


    Attach any propane cartridge and starting a fire just got a whole lot easier. Otherwise (this stove is top-lit) use a little kindling or other highly flamable material on top of the fuel, and then drop in some lighted material.


    For outdoor use (eg. on the patio) this stove will simply exchange air through it's built-in intake/exhaust port.

    However, when using this stove in an enclosed space you must attach it's (included) 6' x 3" flexible plastic intake/exhaust tube. The tube discharges cool exhaust gasses outside the habitation, and draws in cold fresh air through the same tube.

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